Fall-Winter 2018/19

Описание коллекции

Brand  LUDMILA LABKOVA has been known to fashionistas of many countries of the world for expressive and dynamic looks from its thematic collections for a long time …

Every time designer Ludmila Labkova amazes her fans with a fashionable story.

Alice from Alice`s adventures in Wonderland perfectly embodies the woman of LUDMILA LABKOVA. She is feminine and mysterious, but knows what she wants, a little bit daring and at the same time naive, definitely positive and curious, she is full of contradictions and always different. Alice is a heroine of fairy tales and adventures, a dreamer and creator, the woman they want to be like … Each of us sees herself in Alice of LUDMILA LABKOVA.

Collection Fall-Winter 2018/2019 consists of three capsules. They are adventures in the world of fashion.  ETERNITY is a cycle of time, returning us to the lines of classic style, but having the features of modernity. PARADOX  is a refraction of ideas, a daring combination of classic and sports styles, a new vision of everyday clothing.  ALICE`S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND is a dizzy kaleidoscope of textures and colors in the author’s prints, that were created based on the eponymous cartoon. Adventurous spirit of experiences is emphasized by denim. Collection Fall-Winter 2018/2019 by LUDMILA LABKOVA  is a real adventure in the world of beauty and fashion.