Fall-Winter 2017/18

Описание коллекции


The Italian Renaissance grew the great artists who left the masterpieces exciting our hearts and minds. Walking in Sforza Castle I rose my eyes and had my heart sank when I saw the arches in Roccheta Courtyard! Stunning suns and stars laid down the fabric in my imagination.

Thrilling mixture of historical events and the amazing works of arts are Milan and Italy. Each my step along the streets of Milan reveal its character and give new experiences and ideas.

The Past and Present exist in harmony in Milan, allowing an artist to be a part of the History, to comprehend the development of this powerful stream.

Milan is the very place where I desire to create! The main feature of the Collection is the transfer of the fascinating patterns from Sforza`s and Santa Maria dellaGrazia Church`s walls onto fabrics.

The process was a creative experiment with textures and colours: soft jacquards with fleece, structural jacquards, printed coat fabrics, light chiffons and of course actual velours. The fashion of the 70`s is the base. Since it is a commercial line for LUDMILA LABKOVA brand, the shapes are quite laconic.Simplicity and modest charm that are inherent to mass production are the matter of importance for LUDMILA LABKOVA brand as mono-brands boutiques are opening now.